Monday, October 18, 2010

Keep Our Furry Friends Warm!

I know this may sound crazy and outrageous to some people, but I am a firm believer in dressing my dog. What I don't believe in are these people who dress their dogs just solely because it looks cute. I have two dogs: a Beagle (Ohki) and a German Shepherd Husky Mix (Tip). Since Tip is very furry and he's pretty much a dog that was bred to withstand the harsh, cold weather, I wouldn't dare put clothing on him. It just wouldn't serve a purpose. But on the other hand, my little Ohki is a short-haired dog and she gets really cold when I take her for walks in the fall and winter. I don't want to deprive her of going outside because its cold; I want both of my dogs to enjoy the outdoors! So, I have found some functional and affordable coats, hoodies and sweaters for your furry friends. I would suggest that you consider the breed of dog that you have before you go out and purchase these things because like I said before, I wouldn't put clothing on my Husky Mix! He loves the snow! :)

This is actually my little beagle, Ohki when I first got her (she is now 2 years old). I got her when she was 8 weeks old in December of 2008, so I knew that she definitely needed a sweater or two. I got it from PETCO for about $12. Its functional and cute as well because it was snowing when we got her and the fur protects her ears from getting cold.

Glen Plaid Sherpa Coat Jacket Dog Puppy Apparel by Zack & Zoey - UM4063-DPS -

This plaid, sherpa coat is a great color scheme for a boy dog. The sherpa around the collar assures that your doggie's neck and chest are protected from harsh cold weather. Its also really simple to put on because it has a velcro closure on the chest. The pricing starts off at $13.99 for a teacup dog and then goes up from there. The most you will pay is $30 for X-Large dog. Refer to the size chart @ this link:

Rain Drops Keep Falling Dog Raincoat

This little waterproof raincoat is a great solution for bringing your pouch out in the rain. I'm definitely getting this one for my little beagle because its adjustable around the waist, as well as the hood to keep her little droopy ears warm. Its also a great color for both male and female dogs and also by it being yellow, your dog is more visible to drivers in the rain. No matter what size your dog is (x-small-x-large) its $29.00, which is a pretty reasonable price considering that most doggie raincoats cost around $40. Refer to the size chart @ this link:

This hoodie is perfect for those kind of breezy days when its not really necessary to wear a coat. This was made by the same designers that created the plaid coat above the raincoat, Zack and Zoey. They also have this in red in x-small to large. The prices vary  by sizes and start off at $10.79 for x-small and at the most $19.99 for large. Again, refer to the size chart @ this link:

Metallic Chunky Knit Dog Sweater - Red, one of our Dog Clothes and Dog Clothing

This metallic sweater is great for the holiday season. Again, this is the work of designers Zack and Zoey and this sweater is also available in black and green. The pricing varies depending on the size which start at $18.97 for xx-small to $28.97 for large. Refer to the size chart @ this link:

PETCO Smoochie Pooch Pink Multi-Stripe Hooded Dog Sweater

If your looking for something girly, but functional, then this is the sweater for your pouch! Word of advice though, remove the pom-poms because 9 times out of 10, your dog will try to eat them. Trust me on this one, its cute, but you don't want them to eat that. No matter what size you get (xx-small to medium), the pricing stays at $13.49. Refer to the size chart though @ this link:

This little puffer coat will definitely keep your pouch warm in whatever harsh weather comes around. Its great for both male and female dogs because they have it in two colors. To make sure that their legs are warm, add a hoodie or long shirt underneath. No matter what the size is, the price remains at $17.99 for xx-small to large. Refer to the size chart @ this link:


  1. I brought my doggy a shirt once. He didn't like it and I decided to let him be. These are cute though.

    I am going to make him dress up for Halloween.

  2. thanks. lol it happens. not all dogs like clothes. i think if i wouldnt have dressed my doggie since i got her, she wouldnt like it either. but what are you going to dress your dog as for Halloween? I havent found anything that wasnt a dinosaur or a hot dog anywhere! lol