Thursday, December 2, 2010

DC Fall Fashions

As most of you know from my previous posting, I am from the nation's capitol-Washington, D.C. I am very proud of this unique and eclectic city. There is inspiration to be drawn from almost everything around us- from the scenic parks to the graffiti on the bridges and I want to show you how us Washingtonians interpret that inspiration into our style. I believe that Washington D.C. has evolved over the past decade into a very fashionable and stylish city and these Washingtonians have made a contribution to that evolution.

Jenae' is sporting a very fun and bohemian look that is perfect for this fall season. The colors of the flowers remind me of the Arboretum here in DC. As a mom, Jenae' does a really good job at putting together looks that are functional, yet fashionable.

This look is bringing the summer flowers into the fall without going out of season. At 21 weeks prego, Andrea shows that you can still be stylish with a bun in the oven.

Sanijah and Janira both have a great sense of style for their age. With these punk rock looks, they definitely show the evolution of D.C. into a fashion capitol without going overboard.

Yolanda sports a very sassy, unique and comfortable look here. She is not afraid to use color to her advantage in this look and it works really well without going over the top.

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