About Me

Who: Shawnna Shellington

What: Fashion Blogger, Massage Therapist, Fashion stylist and Mom

When: 2009-Present

Where: Washington, D.C.

Why: I have always been into fashion every since I was 5 years old. Even though our family didn't have much, somehow I still managed to pull together unique and fashionable looks for my Barbie dolls! In 2005, I turned my love of fashion into a career in modeling. After a modest success in the modeling world and working at various retail clothing stores,  I've decided to focus on a more promising career in Massage Therapy. In March 2010, I started working as a Massage Therapist, which in turn gave me more time to focus on current and upcoming fashion trends. As a result of that free time, in September 2010, I created this very fashion blog! Currently, I am engaged to be married as well as a new mom and the owner of two dogs, but I still manage to have that free time to focus on my passion for fashion and helping others!

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