Friday, November 4, 2011

My Top Fall 2011 Ready to Wear Designers

This coming fall season seems like its all about textures and finding the right balance within your look. These designers in my opinion have definitely found the balance within these textures and pulled off some pretty amazing collections. Layering these textures using a wide variety of colors, patterns and inspirational influences from your summer's travels will definitely make for a unique and one-of-a-kind look.

Alexis Mabille


Banana Republic

Lovely By Day, Sassy By Night

Paul Smith silk shirt
$315 -

Jane Norman ruched top
£22 -

Leather skirt
$270 -

Yves Saint Laurent platform pumps
€600 -

Yves Saint Laurent platform shoes
€600 -

Miss Selfridge black earrings
£7.50 -

Michael Kors chronograph watch
$250 -

Long chain earrings
$12 -

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Most Unique Fall 2011 Ready to Wear Collection.....

To most people, this wouldn't be a surprise, but my most unique fall 2011 Ready to Wear Collection goes to........

Betsey Johnson!!!!

I believe that this season, she not only made a very unique line, but a very cohesive and wearable collection. Most of her past collections have been very extreme and over the top, which isn't bad but in this particular collection, I noticed that she even designed with the more curvy lady in mind. With all of that in mind, this collection is entirely different than any other collection she has done in the past thus the reason why I feel she is the most unique RTW collection of this season! Kudos to you Betsey!!!! :)


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fashion Advice 4 Teen

Fashion Advice 4 Teen

So, a teen had a question about the above dress and had some concerns that her mom wouldn't like the dress on its own. She wanted to know what to pair with the dress to make it look a little more conservative, but still cute enough 2 wear 2 a party. I think for a teen, this look is sufficient enough to suit her mom's taste level as well as still look cool for a Labor Day house party.

Fashion Advice 4 Teen by shawnnamshellington featuring a ruffle top

Insight 51 rose print dress
$67 -

Splendid top
$72 -

Ruffle top
€9,95 -

$3.50 -

J Crew mid heels
$350 -