Monday, October 18, 2010

Keep Our Furry Friends Warm!

I know this may sound crazy and outrageous to some people, but I am a firm believer in dressing my dog. What I don't believe in are these people who dress their dogs just solely because it looks cute. I have two dogs: a Beagle (Ohki) and a German Shepherd Husky Mix (Tip). Since Tip is very furry and he's pretty much a dog that was bred to withstand the harsh, cold weather, I wouldn't dare put clothing on him. It just wouldn't serve a purpose. But on the other hand, my little Ohki is a short-haired dog and she gets really cold when I take her for walks in the fall and winter. I don't want to deprive her of going outside because its cold; I want both of my dogs to enjoy the outdoors! So, I have found some functional and affordable coats, hoodies and sweaters for your furry friends. I would suggest that you consider the breed of dog that you have before you go out and purchase these things because like I said before, I wouldn't put clothing on my Husky Mix! He loves the snow! :)

This is actually my little beagle, Ohki when I first got her (she is now 2 years old). I got her when she was 8 weeks old in December of 2008, so I knew that she definitely needed a sweater or two. I got it from PETCO for about $12. Its functional and cute as well because it was snowing when we got her and the fur protects her ears from getting cold.

Glen Plaid Sherpa Coat Jacket Dog Puppy Apparel by Zack & Zoey - UM4063-DPS -

This plaid, sherpa coat is a great color scheme for a boy dog. The sherpa around the collar assures that your doggie's neck and chest are protected from harsh cold weather. Its also really simple to put on because it has a velcro closure on the chest. The pricing starts off at $13.99 for a teacup dog and then goes up from there. The most you will pay is $30 for X-Large dog. Refer to the size chart @ this link:

Rain Drops Keep Falling Dog Raincoat

This little waterproof raincoat is a great solution for bringing your pouch out in the rain. I'm definitely getting this one for my little beagle because its adjustable around the waist, as well as the hood to keep her little droopy ears warm. Its also a great color for both male and female dogs and also by it being yellow, your dog is more visible to drivers in the rain. No matter what size your dog is (x-small-x-large) its $29.00, which is a pretty reasonable price considering that most doggie raincoats cost around $40. Refer to the size chart @ this link:

This hoodie is perfect for those kind of breezy days when its not really necessary to wear a coat. This was made by the same designers that created the plaid coat above the raincoat, Zack and Zoey. They also have this in red in x-small to large. The prices vary  by sizes and start off at $10.79 for x-small and at the most $19.99 for large. Again, refer to the size chart @ this link:

Metallic Chunky Knit Dog Sweater - Red, one of our Dog Clothes and Dog Clothing

This metallic sweater is great for the holiday season. Again, this is the work of designers Zack and Zoey and this sweater is also available in black and green. The pricing varies depending on the size which start at $18.97 for xx-small to $28.97 for large. Refer to the size chart @ this link:

PETCO Smoochie Pooch Pink Multi-Stripe Hooded Dog Sweater

If your looking for something girly, but functional, then this is the sweater for your pouch! Word of advice though, remove the pom-poms because 9 times out of 10, your dog will try to eat them. Trust me on this one, its cute, but you don't want them to eat that. No matter what size you get (xx-small to medium), the pricing stays at $13.49. Refer to the size chart though @ this link:

This little puffer coat will definitely keep your pouch warm in whatever harsh weather comes around. Its great for both male and female dogs because they have it in two colors. To make sure that their legs are warm, add a hoodie or long shirt underneath. No matter what the size is, the price remains at $17.99 for xx-small to large. Refer to the size chart @ this link:

Sunday, October 17, 2010

DC's Finest Designers

For those that do not know, I am from the nation's capitol: Washington, D.C. I was born and raised here and have never lived anywhere else (as of yet). This city is very diverse, so you will see all types of cultures and styles from people who have come here from all over the world! So, I have put together a few looks from some great local designers with a range of creativity from an eco-friendly line to a line with a bit of Caribbean flavor to it. I have also found some boutiques that also carry local designers lines in their space. Let me show you what my great city has to offer!

Toucan Boutique
1911 9th Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20001
Toucan Boutique started with a mother-and-daughter team who wanted to bring warm, tropical fashion to the chillier climates of North America. they saw a need for unique, casual clothing, and knew that some of the unknown talent they had seen on their travels needed more exposure. Their mission is to exhibit a new generation of designers, both American and international, who offer men and women greater originality and freedom in casual clothing. For its opening, Toucan Boutique presented two Brazilian brands that are known for their exclusive designs and prints: Cantao and Redley. Now they  have expanded to include over 12 different Brazilian brands and 8 diverse American designers. Toucan also wants to continually present new style, art and creativity, so they will dedicate an area of the site to talented women artisans who will display hand made products, such as costume jewelry and shopping totes, online for the first time.

"About Us." Toucan Boutique-Exhibiting New Designers. Web. 17 Oct. 2010. <>.


This ambitious brand, created by Sanne Sehested Nielson and Lene Boesen in 2007, was created for the "laid-back fashionista". Both the asymmetrical top and the printed leggings are parts of this raw, but yet sophisticated line. This look is the perfect mix of simplicity and complexity.

Hot Air

Don't think that its just all about the ladies! Toucan Boutique carries men clothing as well. Hot Air clothing was created in 2007 by an award-winning director by the name of Chike Ozah. He has created videos for artists Kanye West, Mos Def and Lela James, which makes for a very visually creative guy. This line is definitely unique and daring overall. This striped hoodie is perfect for this fall season though.

***On Friday, November 5, 2010, Toucan Boutique will  be hosting "Fashion Friday" @ Level X Lounge. Come and see the hottest in Holiday Fashion and Winter Wear 5:30pm-7:30pm. Come and sip Toucan's Signature Drink and be entered in the raffle for  $50 gift certificate to Toucan Boutique. For more info and to RSVP, follow this link: Hope to see you there! :)***

*For those of you who do not live in D.C. or nearby, you can still order these pieces online @

1425 Wisconsin Ave. NW (Middle Suite)
Washington, D.C. 20007
Dana Ayanna Greaves, playfully known as Artistic AYA, lives and creates in Washington, D.C. Born to a Barbadian dad and Trinidadian mom, she infuses her work with a multiculti aesthetic rich in prints, texture and color. Her creations range from hand-rolled paper jewelry to one-of-a-kind silk dresses that reflect her background in visual art, interest in music and love of the stage.Dana Ayanna completed a 2010 apprenticeship with the Shakespeare Theatre's Costume-Crafts department. She instructed jewelry workshops at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and received the Eleni Epstein Award from the Fashion Group International. ARTAYA (an extension of Artistic AYA) is a collection designed with artitstic, modern and multicultural consideration. Set to launch this October, the presentation will feature the designer's first spring line. Her designs are worn by musicians Erykah Badu and concert violinist Stephanie Matthews and her products have sold to a growing list of international clients. Dana Ayanna's paintings and illustrations can be seen at exhibitions  throughout the DC region.

"The Designer." Artistic Aya & Artaya by Danna Ayanna Greaves. Web. 17 Oct. 2010. <http//>.

Image of Electric Studs

These pair of earrings are very daring and bold, but gorgeous! A great mix of blues and greens make this look really earthy, but fun!

Image of Face

She not only makes jewelry and clothing, she paints as well. This portrait uses colors that wouldn't normally be used in a portrait. But she finds a way to make it work for her and it turned out exquisite! The lilac pops in a soft, subtle way that brings a unique warmth to her face.

Image of SOLD OUT Silk Tribe Earrings

I am in LOVE with these earrings! Too bad they are sold out :( but nonetheless, the silk tribal fabric is manipulated in such a way to make them appear to be butterflies floating from your ears. Simply beautiful.

***On Saturday, October 30, 2010, there will be a fashion show called Bohemian Boss, celebrating the grand opening of ARTAYA at 7pm in Industry Gallery. The fashion show will be showcasing  fall and spring ARTAYA collections. There will also be musical performances, a cocktail reception, souvenir suite and spinning the records will be DJ TJ. For more info and to RSVP, follow this link: Hope to see you there! :)***

*For those of you who do not live in D.C. or nearby, you can still order these pieces online @

ReVamp/Ginger Roots Design
1530 U Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20009
ReVamp is run by Erin Derge and Kristen Swenson. Erin grew up in southern Wisconsin. Coming from a long line of talented sewers, she started using her mom's old Kenmore at the age of seven and eventually went to school for costume design in Minneapolis. Kristen is a farm girl from rural MN. She was the youngest of three girls and since her family couldn't afford to buy much, she began sewing purses out of clothing she outgrew. Kristen came to D.C. with her fiancee exactly one year ago with only one goal in mind--to find a job sewing anywhere. She met Cathy at Treasury who had been seeking an in-house seamstress for the store and Kristen got her start repairing vintage items and tailoring in-house garments. After starting the small business known as ReVamp, which offered eco-friendly clothing design and custom tailoring, she also began to cultivate a customer base outside of Treasury. Very quickly she found herself falling behind with the amount of work and considered giving up. Meanwhile Erin in Minnesota was recently laid-off from sewing costumes for Sesame Street Live and found herself waitressing and antsy. In one phone call, Erin agreed to move out to D.C. and thus ReVamp became a team. The ladies got to work, but almost immediately it became apparent that they had outgrown the extra bedroom in Kristen's apartment and needed to find a larger space. In a month and a half, they renovated their new storefront/sewing studio, while maintaining their customer orders and patterning/constructing the Treasury in-house line Ouroboros. Ginger Root Design is now open and ReVamp finally has a home. Ginger Root Design offers tailoring and eco-friendly clothing design for men and women, local/independent art and jewelry and vintage accessories.

"D.C. Fashion Week: Erin Derge and Kristen Swenson, ReVamp-DCist." DCist: Washington DC News, Food, Arts & Events. Web. 17 Oct. 2010. <>.

These are a few examples of some vintage pieces that can be transformed into more modern looks. I absolutely adore the look in the middle! Very sharp and strong separates, that when put together will show the world that vintage doesn't have to look ancient.

Here are some jewelry pieces that have the perfect colors for this season. Definitely great pieces to wear to Thanksgiving dinner with your family.

*Come by and bring in your vintage clothing to be tailored to perfection specifically for you! Unfortunately, for those of you that don't live in the area, you won't be able to use these tailoring services. But if you are visiting DC, Maryland or Virginia, don't forget to pack some vintage clothing with you and stop on in Ginger Roots!

More Posts Coming Soon!!!!

If you have read my profile, you guys would know that I am a Massage Therapist by trade. I work for a company called Lunar Massage in Washington, D.C. We are in the works of opening a second location in D.C. and it has been pretty crazy lately! As of now, I am working on a DC Fall Lookbook which will include local up and coming designers, complete fall looks for women, men, children and even for you little doggies to stay warm this season. I am also going to do my first spot on health and wellness. As a massage therapist, I see all types of clients everyday from triatheletes to office workers to stay at home moms! I see certain trends as far as muscle pain patterns. Just wanted to keep you guys posted on my progress with this blog. If anyone has anything to add to my lookbook for fall, please email me @

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cute Couples Halloween Costumes

I have been searching for a few years now for the best couples Halloween costume that doesn't make your partner look odd or make them feel degraded in any way. Its a tough selection out there! I need you guys opinion, which couples costume seems to be a great fit without making either partner feel weird about wearing it? I have narrowed it down to 5 different costume choices. Let me know which one you would pick............... *NOTE: The Cleopatra and Pharaoh look will be a bit different from the one posted on the poll below. That was the only couple picture I could find. This is the look I want to go for:


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Designers to Look Out For

Keeping with the theme of the recent Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I have composed a list of designers that have made me take a double look at their line. There are a few designers that have made ready to wear collections, but I decided to take a look at their regular collections to see if I could find the most unique, ready to wear looks from those. I picked 1-3 looks from each designer and most of these looks can be easily replicated as far as the silhouettes are concerned. Although all of these collections are for this coming spring, I have pulled specific looks that can be incorporated in this fall season. *NOTE: These designers are not in any type of order from best to least or whatever! I adore all of these designers equally :)

Christian Siriano




Jenny Packham


Carlos Miele


Diane Von Furstenburg




Lela Rose


Luca Luca




Monique Lhullier


Project Runway


Rebecca Minkoff


Rebecca Taylor


Rosa Cha


Sophie Theallet


Sunday, October 10, 2010

Affordable Looks from Sept. NY Fashion Week

Most fashionistas and trendsetters of the world know that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week just past recently last month and they all want to get out there and try out some of the hottest looks on the runway. But most of us don't have a big budget to cover the expensive looks that we so adore! So, I have put together a collection of looks from the runway with a similar look, but way more affordable. Fashion doesn't have to drain your pockets. Trust me, I know. :)

This zebra print Blumarine trench coat is a gorgeous, fresh approach to the classic trench. Although this particular trench isn't available to the public as of yet, I did find the motorcycle jacket that was in the same collection on the runway to be priced around $2,800. I'm pretty sure this piece is around that price as well.

Now on the other hand, this Ralph Lauren zebra print trench is easier to wear on a more frequent basis being that white is really hard to keep clean. Although the color is a bit darker than its Blumarine cousin, it still has a presence. This is very affordable; it goes for about $160. You can grab this beauty from the following link:


This DKNY look is very sophisticated and chic, while not making you look dated. The sheer material of the shirt makes this look lean more towards casual than business attire. The cropped black pants say to the world "I'm an easy-going type of girl." Even without the jacket, its still a great look because seriously, who is going to wear a trench coat all day long? Especially if you're indoors most of the time. The scarf brings this whole look together and brings a subtle pop of color without overpowering the rest of the outfit.

Really, any classic, tan trench coat will do, as long as it doesn't have a lot of buttons since the DKNY trench has a zipper closure. I found a few trenches that seem the closest to replicate this DKNY look:

Nine West $54.99

KORS Michael Kors Single...

Michael Kors $115.99
This one actually has a detachable hood! Great for traveling in the rain

MNG by Mango® Asymmetrical Blouse

MNG by Mango $41.94
This particular top has an asymmetrical button hem which brings a uniqueness to this look in comparison to the DKNY look. The material is still really light and airy like its DKNY cousin.
You can grab this beauty @ the following link:

Main Item Image

Guess $79
Although they are just simple, cropped pants, the fit on these Guess pants seem to be a bit tighter than the other pair making it a great fit for a more voluminous trench coat.
You can grab this beauty @ the following link:

Vintage 70s autumnal pure BLACK SILK floral scarf with ORANGE and BROWN poppy, hand rolled edges

Beta Accessories $24.50
Although this scarf isn't the exact print as the above DKNY look, it has the same colors and its really cool for this fall season. I do believe that there is only one of these available as of now since the items on Etsy's website are homemade.
You can grab this beauty @ the following link: